jesusbunny (jesusbunny) wrote in xlike_heavenx,

Tonight, at the Mixer in Baltimore!

This week at the Mixer, Balti and I will throw out all sorts of tunes for YOU to enjoy--with a focus on that favorite decade--you guessed it--the 80's!

We hope you'll come to the Mixer early tonight--in addition to the usual festivities, we will have some kitchy party favors throughout the club. We invite you to enter our raffle for a "retro" themed prize pack that Balti and I have put together, with you in mind. We've got 2 happy hours (9-10 pm, 12-close) AND $2 shot "bartender's choice" special.

So come to the Mixer, relive the 80's or your favorite decade (or romanticize if you were born too late, lol).

Be sure to catch smytii at Rapture's 80's night on September 22nd.

For more info, go to the Mixer's new minisite for all the info you'll need:

Add the Mixer as a friend on myspace:
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