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[AD/eBay/Intro Post] Robert Smith ORIGINAL ART Painting on Canvas

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this community, so here's a little introduction :) I'm an 18 year old art student from the UK, and a huge fan of the Cure.

I hope you don't mind me posting the following, but thought I'd give it a chance as its relevant to the community subject, with it being an image/art of Robert Smith. If ads of this sort aren't allowed, please let me know and I'll edit the post :)

I recently tried my hand at acrylic painting, and had loads of great feedback on a Robert Smith painting I created, so I decided to auction it off :) If anyone would like to bid, click here, or on the image below to view the auction :) (There are larger images of the full painting on the auction page)

As I said, if oustide links to auctions aren't allowed, please just let me know and I'll edit the post :) Thanks all!


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